Saturday, February 27, 2010

Roof Cleaning Ohio - Dark Black Streaks on Roof

Those dark black streaks on your roof are more than just an eye-sore. They are actually algae feeding on your roof shingles. The algae spores spread from roof to roof just like weeds spread from yard to yard. Insects, birds and the wind all contribute to spreading the algae. Once the algae get comfortable on your roof and start to thrive, they form a dark sheath which helps with protection from the sun's ultra-violet rays. While this is good for the algae, this dark black protection looks terrible on a roof. Not only does it LOOK bad but it is also shortening the lifespan of your roof. The algae feed on the limestone filler in the shingles and causes the shingle granules to loosen and detach. Once this happens, your roof shingles become very vulnerable to mother nature. Wind, rain, snow, ice and the sun call all do major damage to the shingles. The shingle dries out more quickly and can also tend to curl up at this point and become very brittle. By having your roof cleaned before the problem becomes to severe, you can add many, many years to the life of your roof. Midwest Improvement Services in Troy, Ohio and Fort Recovery, Ohio, is dual certified in roof cleaning and can safely remove the black streaks and moss from your roof. Visit our website for additional information and roof cleaning photos at or call us at (937) 231-7249.  Contact us today for a free roof cleaning quote!